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IS silicone baby products silicone bowl harmful to babies?

Time:2023/10/7 Posted:MengYa Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

With the continuous development and innovation of the silicone industry, silicone baby products are widely used, more and more silicone baby products on the market, but there are also some inferior or fake silicone baby products on the market, so when buying silicone baby products, how do we judge the quality of silicone baby products? 

When the silicone baby products are subjected to alternating stress (or strain), the phenomenon that the structure and performance of the material change is called fatigue. With the progress of the fatigue process, the phenomenon that leads to the destruction of silicone baby products is called fatigue damage.

 So fatigue resistance is also a way to identify the quality of silicone baby products. The vulcanization effect of the product, feel the uneven hardness and softness of the product, poor tensile rebound strength and poor rebound effect, related to the problem of the manufacturer's vulcanization time and raw materials. Color and odor, whether the color of silicone products is uniform depends on the uniformity of the manufacturer in the mixing process, the longer the time, the better the color saturation.

Silicone can withstand high temperature of about 200 degrees but can not resist high corrosion products what is the reason, in fact, silicone oil is one of the main reasons, silicone oil can be mixed with vulcanization to make different components of the catalyst to reduce its viscosity, you can also use alkaline substances to adjust the viscosity, so in the silicone raw materials as little as possible to add silicone oil can avoid conflict with high corrosion chemicals. 

So when buying silicone baby products, it is important to first look at the wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength. If it meets, it means that it is a good quality silicone baby products, and if it is not satisfied, it is given up to avoid financial loss.

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